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A bit about the Brewery

The old brewery was built in the 1850’s by Thomas Shepherd and operated as a brewery throughout the 19th century. It is said to have been at one stage a lemonade factory, but I’ve found no evidence for that.

Possibly people are confused by the old label which stated Temperance Crystal Malt Ale!

Certainly it was used for some time as a “Dad’s Army” training centre, and at some stage, possibly in the 1930’s, a large hole was knocked in one wall to store fire trucks, and then it fell into disrepair, and was probably used mainly as a barn for most of the 20th century.

Since the 1970’s it has been a slow labour of love by current owner, Merle Hathaway, and various other people – with a good sprinkling of artists and musicians, including artist/Director Michael Young; counter tenor, Hartley Newnham; musician John Rechter and art courier, Murray Taylor. And I sincerely thank them all, along with current friends who nobly put in a days work or help me with particular tasks.

Now it’s mainly a private home but is often used for public events such as concerts, exhibitions, parties and even the occasional wedding.

And a bit about me

Currently Secretary of Ballarat Arts Alive, a dynamic, if somewhat anarchical group! This aims to provide actual and virtual forums for bringing arts practitioners together and promoting the arts of this region.

Currently I am assisting curate several touring exhibitions, including that of Wimmera artist Chris Nicholls who died last year, leaving a huge body of work, which few have seen.

Another interesting role is project managing/curating a touring exhibition of the drawings of writers by Louis Kahan – initial stages for this project.

Previous roles include Executive Officer of the PGAV, 2009 – 2010; Director of Horsham Regional Art Gallery 1995 – 2008; Curator Educator at Dromkeen Children’s Literature Collection; Education Officer at Art Gallery of Ballarat; Community Arts Officer for the City of Ballarat, and teaching at secondary & tertiary level.

Download CV_Summary_2010.docx (22Kb)

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Contact us

If you’d like more information or to be placed on an email mailing list, please send me a message. Or you can ring on 0419 324 042.

Also love feedback about the new site, which has been created by the wonderful Ally Long of Inventive Labs, with photographs by Pamela Kleemann (mainly interiors), Stephanie Patterson (mainly garden), Darron Davies and myself.

Cheers Merle

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