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Yellow stickers to Preserve our Civic Hall

Posted on 16 May 2011

Is it really a heritage building? YES! It’s not from a fashionable period, but it’s an excellent example of its time, and I remember the excitement of attending BIG events in the grand main hall and more modest ones in the cosy Lower Civic Hall. It seats 1,500 and the fact remains that Ballarat has no other flat-floor venue this size, yet Council has allowed it to deteriorate into a state which now is an embarrassment.

Council’s response to the problem – develop it into more offices and car parks. We know how attractive that will be. Want to help? Write your recollections of attending events there and ideas for its future on a piece of yellow paper and glue it to the boarded up entrance doors. Email me (see Contact Us) if you can’t physically do this, & I’ll paste up anything you send.

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Yellow notices on door 18 May
Yellow notices on door 18 May

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