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Adam Simmons’ Portrait Series

Posted on 25 April 2011

For me the real knockout event in recent weeks was the first in Adam Simmons Portrait series at the Art Gallery of Ballarat on 13 April. His feature guest was vivacious Japanese shamisen player, Noriko Tadano. She and Adam are both virtuosos and their solos, as well as their combined pieces were just soul shattering!

During the interval, wine and lovely cheeses etc were served and these concerts promise to be a really special event for lovers of non-mainstream music.

Adam Simmons, 13 April, Ballarat
Adam Simmons, 13 April, Ballarat

The next in the series – Wednesday 22 June at 7.30pm – should also not be missed. Wang Zheng-Ting is a composer and master performer of the sheng – Chinese mouth organ, a complex, many-piped instrument.

Remaining concerts: Wednesday 21 September, 7.30pm: David Brown, free jazz inspired by Japanese music, for prepared guitar and shakuhachi & contrabass clarinet

Wednesday 2 November, 7.30pm: Wendy Morrison & Alessandra Garosi (Italy) pianists. Garosi is coming to Australia to perform at the Sydney Opera House and this is her only other Australian performance.

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